A key marketing goal is to reach consumers at moments that most influence their decisions during the customer journey. Whether using television, radio, direct mail, or digital to connect with customers , understanding when in the buying process consumers are open to influences is crucial to maximize the effectiveness of each marketing channel and optimize customer experience. This page contains market research about when consumers’ absorb, retain, or act on various media types or how they can be optimally combined to yield the greatest return on investment for the marketer along the customer journey.

Customer Journey Research

Datesort ascending Title Publication Touchpoints Pay/Free
11/2015 Four Steps to Create Seamless Transition in Your Customer Service Channels Gartner $
11/2015 Design For Service Innovation Journal of Service Science (Online) Free
11/2015 Four Approaches To Customer Journey Mapping: When And How To Use Them Forrester Report $
11/2015 Connecting Process to Customer: Take the Customer Journey Gartner $
10/2015 Use Three Digital Commerce Marketing Techniques to Increase In-Store Sales Gartner $
10/2015 Best Practices for Making Live Chat a Must-Have Engagement Channel Gartner $
9/2015 Digital Tactics Work Across the Buyer Journey eMarketer Free
9/2015 Is Multichannel Marketing Getting Any Easier? eMarketer Free
9/2015 What CX Pros Need To Know About The Customer Life Cycle Forrester Report $
9/2015 Mapping Out the Customer's Journey: Customer Search Strategy as a Basis for Channel Management Journal of Marketing Channels $
9/2015 This Time It's Personal - Discover How Valued Mail Can Drive Value for Advertisers Royal Mail Awareness Free
8/2015 Brand Attraction From Enriched Interaction CMO Council Free
8/2015 Social Integration Tops CRM Users' Wish Lists eMarketer Free
8/2015 Play Three: Predict the Customer Journey for Life Cycle Marketing Predictive Marketing: Easy Ways Every Marketer Can Use Customer Analytics and Big Data $
8/2015 Stakeholder marketing: theoretical foundations and required capabilities Academy of Marketing Science. Journal Free
7/2015 Enrich Customer Life-Cycle Understanding With Customer Journey Maps Forrester Report $
7/2015 A Bias For Action Canada Post Awareness, Consideration Free
7/2015 A Study Customer Journey Map for User Experience Analysis of Information and Communications Technology Service Design, User Experience, and Usability: Users and Interactions 14th International Research Conference in Service Management $
7/2015 Augment Customer Journey Work With Expectation Mapping Forrester Report $
6/2015 Enhancing the Value of Mail: The Human Response USPS OIG Awareness Free
6/2015 The Impact of Different Touchpoints on Brand Consideration Journal of Retailing Consideration $
6/2015 Breaking Through the Noise Canada Post Free
6/2015 How to Determine the Role of Social Media in Your Customer's Journey Gartner $
5/2015 The Connective Tissue for CRM: Integrating the Three Pace Layers Across CRM Applications Gartner $
5/2015 Creating Optimal Customer Journeys with Programmatic Marketing WBR Digital Free