Campaign objectives are a key component of a marketing campaign strategy because it defines the overall goals and what the campaign should specifically accomplish. By asking questions like, will it promote the company or organization’s brand, will it build awareness for a product or service, or will it help generate or increase sales leads, you establish a method for tracking, measuring, and reporting results. This page contains research about creating attainable marketing objectives and meeting organization goals through effective marketing strategies.

Campaign Objective Research

Datesort descending Title Publication Objectives Pay/Free
1/2007 Cause-related marketing: a new perspective on achieving campaign objectives amongst fast moving consumer goods Strategic Change $
2/2011 Can't Pay, Won't Pay: Why Paid Digital Content Isn't Working Forrester $
3/2011 Branding Value Of Paid Search Forrester $
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7/2011 The Five Ways Interactive Marketers Should Use Social Data Forrester $
7/2011 How Listening Informs Campaign Management Forrester $
9/2011 Use Interactive Marketing Dashboards To Improve Decision-Making Forrester $
12/2011 Marketing Essentials: Optimize Your Campaign to Go Viral Gartner $
12/2011 Five Easy Improvements For B2B Financial Services Interactive Marketers Forrester $
12/2011 Twitter: The Public Forum For Your Brand Forrester $
1/2012 Better Triggers, More Relevance Forrester $
1/2012 Leveraging Sponsorships to Meet Organizational Marketing Objectives: A Case Study of a Consumer Packaged Good Product With the Super Bowl Case Studies In Sport Management $
2/2012 How Analytics Helps Consumer Goods Brand Managers With Marketing Mix Modeling Gartner $
3/2012 Is An Advertisement Worth The Paper It's Printed on? The Impact of Premium Print Advertising On Consumer Perceptions Journal of Advertising Research $
3/2012 Value Propositions and Marketing Objectives Successful Marketing Strategies for Nonprofit Organizations: Winning in the Age of the Elusive Donor, Second Edition $
5/2012 Listening Metrics That Matter Forrester $
6/2012 Leveraging sponsorship to achieve consumer relationship objectives through the creation of ‘marketing spaces’: An exploratory study Journal of Marketing Communications Free
9/2012 Design of an enhanced Integrated Management System with Customer Experience Focus: The Business Process Framework (also known as eTOM) and ISO9001 together International Journal of Computer Science Issues (IJCSI) Free
4/2013 A Repeatable Framework for Building Great Digital Campaigns Gartner $
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9/2013 Combining Online, Print Increases Ad Effectiveness Newspaper Research Journal $
10/2013 Gartner's Multichannel Orchestration Model Makes Campaign Management a Science Gartner $
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1/2014 The digital market and the main objectives of digital marketing How to Measure Digital Marketing $
1/2014 Holistic Service Marketing Strategies and Corporate Objectives of Firms Global Journal of Management and Business Research: E Marketing Free