A well-crafted radio or tv marketing campaign can be an effective way to announce a new product or service to a large audience or build a brand. TV and radio marketing campaigns lend themselves to entertaining approaches and creative storytelling. This page provides research about successfully using radio and tv marketing to build a brand or advertise to a global audience.

TV/Radio Research and Case Studies

Date Titlesort descending Document Source Publication Marketing Channel
7/2012 Using Humor in Advertising: When Does it Work? Research Southern Business Review TV / Radio
5/2013 Using Internet Behavior to Deliver Relevant Television Commercials Research Journal of Interactive Marketing TV / Radio
9/2016 Using Online Message Testing to Evaluate TV Ads, Select Effective Messaging, and Improve Public Health Campaigns Research Social Marketing Quarterly TV / Radio
4/2015 Video Advertising Benchmarks: What Metrics Can (and Can't) Tell You About the Bigger Picture Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media, TV / Radio
6/2013 What Works Best When Combining Television Sets, PCs, Tablets, or Mobile Phones? How Synergies Across Devices Result Research Journal of Advertising Research TV / Radio
1/2016 What's Important When Buying Programmatically? Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media, TV / Radio
2/2015 What's the Future of Digital Radio Marketing? Research eMarketer TV / Radio