A well-crafted radio or tv marketing campaign can be an effective way to announce a new product or service to a large audience or build a brand. TV and radio marketing campaigns lend themselves to entertaining approaches and creative storytelling. This page provides research about successfully using radio and tv marketing to build a brand or advertise to a global audience.

TV/Radio Research and Case Studies

Date Title Document Source Publicationsort descending Marketing Channel
9/2017 Pandora's Definitive Guide to Audio 2017 Research Pandora TV / Radio
2/2015 Music in radio advertising: Effects on radio spokesperson credibility and advertising effectiveness Research Psychology of Music TV / Radio
9/2016 Using Online Message Testing to Evaluate TV Ads, Select Effective Messaging, and Improve Public Health Campaigns Research Social Marketing Quarterly TV / Radio
8/2012 Comparative Effectiveness of Radio, Print and Web Advertising Research Social Science Research Network Digital / Social Media, Print, TV / Radio
7/2012 Using Humor in Advertising: When Does it Work? Research Southern Business Review TV / Radio
6/2017 Put an End to Tv Waste Research TV Squared TV / Radio
6/2017 7 TV Ad Trends for 2017 Research TV Squared TV / Radio