As digital technologies continue to grow and change, it affects both the number of marketing channels that consumers have available as well as the tools businesses can employ in marketing to them. Consumers now have multiple ways to access the information, products, or services they seek. Emerging marketing channels are those that may not be well-established as an advertising medium, but have the potential to capture massive audiences. Further, these channels allow marketers the opportunity to send potential customers specific messages and maximize the return on their marketing budgets.

These emerging channels may come in the form of digital, social, and mobile media, beyond common platforms used for advertising such as Twitter and Facebook. Blending the use of technology and marketing known as martech – brings marketing automation and technology solutions to the use of traditional and digital marketing channels. For example, programmatic direct mail is an emerging channel that links the physical and the digital world together. It allows marketers to send highly-personalized messages to consumers based on the consumer's website visits and purchasing decisions on various marketing channels. This page contains research on how marketers can utilize emerging new marketing channels and innovative tools to successfully reach consumers.

Emerging Channels Research and Case Studies

Datesort ascending Title Document Source Publication Marketing Channel
8/2015 Harnessing marketing automation for B2B content marketing Research Industrial Marketing Management Emerging Channels
7/2015 Can marketing automation be the glue that helps align sales and marketing? Research Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice Any Marketing Channel, Emerging Channels
5/2015 Exploring the Implications of Virtual Reality Technology in Tourism Marketing: An Integrated Research Framework Research The International Journal of Tourism Research Emerging Channels
2/2014 How Software Is Eating Video Ads And, Soon, TV Research Forrester Emerging Channels, Mobile, TV / Radio
10/2011 Consumer profiles in reality vs fantasy-based virtual worlds: implications for brand entry Research Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing Emerging Channels