Direct mail has a long, proven history as a successful advertising medium. Its strength is based on its ability to communicate one-on-one with a targeted audience, as well as the tactile experience readers get when they interact with a mailpiece. Direct mail encompasses a variety of marketing materials, including advertising circulars, coupon envelopes, brochures, catalogs, postcards, newsletters and sales letters, billing statements, sample-sized products, and other commercial merchandising materials all delivered to homes and businesses. Today, with less competition in the mailbox, direct mail is being recognized as having a better chance than other mediums for being noticed. The “Mail Moment” continues to thrive as a daily ritual in which consumers bring in, sort, open and engage with their mail.

This page contains direct mail case studies and research about the value of direct mail, how it contributes to the customer journey, and recent innovations in physical communications.

Direct Mail Research and Case Studies

Date Title Document Source Publicationsort descending Marketing Channel
7/2017 Furnishing Retailer Used Direct Mail to Bolster a Digital Campaign Case Study Digital / Social Media, Direct Mail
3/2016 Paper and pixels: Putting a digital stamp on direct mail Research ANA Magazine Direct Mail
11/2016 United States Postal Service: Delivering maximum impact - how big data and omnichannel marketing work with direct mail Research ANA Magazine Direct Mail
10/2013 Building behavioral intentions in automotive industry: Brand experience, satisfaction, trust, direct mail communication and attitudes toward advertising Research Business Management Dynamics Direct Mail
7/2015 A Bias For Action Research Canada Post Direct Mail
2/2016 Direct Mail Delivers: Strategies for Participating in the Value Chain Research Cannon Solutions America Direct Mail
9/2018 3 ways you can combine print and digital marketing campaigns Research CIO; Framingham Direct Mail
7/2019 12 dazzling examples of direct mail design Research Creative Bloq Direct Mail
1/2015 UNUM: Inaugural direct-to-consumer campaign Research DMA International ECHO Awards, 2015 Direct Mail
9/2018 Consumers Look to Direct Mail for Restaurant Deals Research eMarketer Pro Direct Mail
5/2017 How Direct Mail Is Winning in the Age of the Internet Research Experian Data Quality group Direct Mail
12/2015 Improving direct mail targeting through customer response modeling Research Expert Systems with Applications Direct Mail
3/2015 ‘The solid gold mailbox': direct mail and the changing nature of buying and selling in the postwar United States Research History of Retailing and Consumption Direct Mail
9/2018 The Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail Research Hubspot Direct Mail
6/2013 The effects of mailing design characteristics on direct mail campaign performance Research International Journal of Research in Marketing Direct Mail
3/2015 To retain? To upgrade? The effects of direct mail on regular donation behavior Research International Journal of Research in Marketing Direct Mail
7/2013 How To Figure Out If Your Mailing Will Make Money BEFORE Mailing it Research Inventors' Digest Direct Mail
4/2016 Direct Marketing: An Imperative In Building Effective Communication In Hospitality Enterprises Research Journal of Advertising Direct Mail
3/2012 Is An Advertisement Worth The Paper It's Printed on? The Impact of Premium Print Advertising On Consumer Perceptions Research Journal of Advertising Research Direct Mail, Print
10/2015 What is marketing automation? Research Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice Direct Mail, Emerging Channels
12/2015 Scent in Mail: The Effect of Scented Direct Mailings Research Journal of Economics and Behavioral Studies Direct Mail
2/2015 Managing Customer Acquisition Risk Using Co-operative Databases Research Journal of Interactive Marketing Direct Mail
2/2016 Making sense of metaphor: The impact of target-group-specific headlines in direct mail Research Journal of Marketing Communications Direct Mail
8/2015 The influence of direct mail marketing on buyer purchasing decisions: A qualitative analysis of perceptions by age group Research Journal of Research Studies in Business & Management Direct Mail
10/2016 Dynamics of Customer Response to Promotional and Relational Direct Mailings from an Apparel Retailer: The Moderating Role of Relationship Strength Research Journal of Retailing Direct Mail