Email, social media, pop up ads and website banners ads are all key tools for a digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing is the promotion of products or services using one or more forms of electronic media to connect consumers to a company’s website.

Email is a trackable advertising communication delivered to an online address. Ads can be text only or contain images, videos, or links to other websites. If metrics show an email is not performing well, marketers can quickly make changes to the ad, product, or offer.

Social media marketing focuses on creating content that attracts a consumer’s attention and will encourage sharing across social networks. This form of marketing, which is relatively inexpensive, is driven by word-of-mouth, meaning it is earned media rather than paid media. As popular as it is, it is hard to quantify to what extent social media marketing actually contributes to a company’s profit.

Pop-up ads are a form of internet advertising used to reach on-line consumers as they search for a keyword or term. The goal is to capture the user’s email address for future advertising.

Website banner ads appear as on-line display advertising. The goal is to capture the company’s website by enticing the consumer to click on the banner ad, be linked to the site and provide email information.

This page contains digital marketing research on how various digital channels are used to grab the consumer’s attention, drive traffic to a desired channel, and increase sales in today’s technologically driven society.

Digital/Social Media Research and Case Studies

Datesort ascending Title Document Source Publication Marketing Channel
2/2016 The Internet of Media and Entertainment Things: What Marketers Need to Know Now Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media, TV / Radio
2/2016 Market Trends: Market Research 2016 — Use It or Lose Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
2/2016 The race for relevance Total Retail 2016: United States Research 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, 2015 Digital / Social Media, Mobile
2/2016 Social media marketing must start at the top Research Strategic Direction Digital / Social Media
1/2016 The Outlook for Data 2016: A Snapshot Into Digital Media and the Evolving Role of Audience Insight Research Research & Thought Leadership Digital / Social Media
1/2016 Brief: Unleash Social's True Value By Extending Your Focus Beyond Brand Monitoring Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
1/2016 2016 Industry Benchmarks for 7 Key Measurements Research Return Path Digital / Social Media
1/2016 What's Important When Buying Programmatically? Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media, TV / Radio
1/2016 Virtual & Augmented Reality: Understanding the Race for the Next Computing Platform Research Goldman Sachs Digital / Social Media, Emerging Channels, Mobile
1/2016 Digital Pharmaceutical Marketing : A Review Research Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology Digital / Social Media
1/2016 Is online newspaper advertising cannibalizing print advertising? Research Quantitative Marketing and Economics Digital / Social Media, Print
1/2016 Exploring the integration of social media within integrated marketing communication frameworks Research Marketing Intelligence & Planning Digital / Social Media
1/2016 New paradigm of digital marketing in emerging markets: from social media to social customer relationship management Research International Journal of Management Practice Digital / Social Media
1/2016 Engagement Pattern of Customers in Digital & Social Media Marketing: A Study on Effect of Age group Research Parikalpana: K I I T Journal of Management Digital / Social Media
1/2016 US DIGITAL DISPLAY ADVERTISING TRENDS Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media
1/2016 THE STATE OF SOCIAL MARKETING Research Simply Measured Digital / Social Media
12/2015 Cross-Device Targeting: First-Party Data, TV and Privacy Are Big Factors for 2016 Research eMarketer Digital / Social Media
12/2015 Build an Influencer Social Marketing Program That Delivers Results Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
12/2015 Use These Five Best Practices for Success in Life Science Digital Multichannel Marketing Research Gartner Digital / Social Media
12/2015 Q&A: The Marketer's Guide To Launching Social Proactive Care Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
12/2015 Take Three Steps Toward Social Success Research Forrester Digital / Social Media
12/2015 The Medium is the Marketplace: Digital Systems and the Intensification of Consumption Research Canadian Journal of Communication Digital / Social Media
12/2015 Publish or Perish: A CMO Roadmap for Managing, Systematizing and Optimizing the Marketing Content Supply Chain Research Forbes CMO Practice Digital / Social Media
12/2015 Build Customer Relationships With Social Customer Care Research Forrester Digital / Social Media