Mobile Marketing Guide: Effective SMS Campaigns that Engage and Convert

The average American adult spends 2 hours and 51 minutes on their smartphones daily and 79% have their phones within reach 22 hours each day.  Mobile now accounts for 60% of online shopping time. As brands focus on streamlining mobile checkout and Mobile Wallet options to increase conversions, marketers can take advantage of the time consumers spends with their mobile devices by engaging them in mobile messaging.

The Mobile Marketing Starter Kit

Trust us, we love a deep dive into a topic--and as marketers, we know you do too. But this time around, we decided to keep it simple: The Mobile Marketing Starter Kit covers the essentials--mobile messaging, onboarding, location services, and more-- behind the right marketing strategy for your app. With the Kit, you’ll be able to: Clarify the differences between the 3 types of mobile messaging, create an onboarding experience that increases user engagement, learn more about location-based marketing, and how to use it, identify the metrics that matter when you evaluate your campaigns.

Global App Economy Forecast

This article will discuss projections for the app economy over the next five years, the size of the global smartphone user base by 2021, how much time users will spend in apps, and the upcoming growth of in-app advertising and mobile commerce.

Cross Media Campaign Increases Donations by 84%

Morris Habitat for Humanity (MHFH) in Morris County, New Jersey wanted to leverage digital technology in a multi-touch, personalized campaign as a way to maximize their efforts and get the best possible return on investment for their 25th anniversary. Working with SVO, Inc., a print and direct marketing company, MHFH created a fresh approach to connect with potential donors on a more personal level. 

Multi-channel Campaign Increases Engagement and Donations

Pacesetter Enterprises, Inc., a family owned print and marketing communications company, partnered with Saint Francis University (SFU) to create a year-long campaign to increase alumni engagements and donations. MindFire’s Studio marketing automation platform was used to build and run the campaign.

Great Mobile Apps & Why They’re Successful

The mobile industry never stops changing, but there’s plenty of apps that proven to have staying power. What do they have in common? A long-standing commitment to mobile UX and creating the best experience for their users. We teamed up with AppInstitute to look at apps like Facebook, Airbnb, Trainline, Tastemade, and more. The result? Our FREE eBook, Great Mobile Apps & Why They're Successful: A Case Study.

Are You Prepared for a Mobile-First World? 5 Reasons to Get Ready Now

Over the last decade, people have come to use their mobile devices over all other devices to browse and shop on websites. Is your brand prepared for this new mobile-first world? If you’re an e-commerce business, this might be the most important question to answer early in 2017. Why? Because every day you don’t compete in the mobile circle, you become a little less relevant among your customers.

The Motivated Mobile Customer

Fifty percent of people who walk into a store without their phone will walk right back out the door. This reveals just how attached today’s shoppers are to their phones. But how are people using their mobile devices for product research and how do mobile ads guide their decision-making process?

How Push Notifications Impact Retail App Retention Rates

Our latest benchmark report study answers the question: how do push notifications impact app retention rates? In a first of its kind study, we analyzed the 90-days after first app open for 63 million new app users, comparing retention rates of those who received push notifications with those who did not. We uncovered surprising, and critical, insights as well as devised recommendations on how to keep users engaged and decrease user churn, as well as Retail specific highlights.