Mail Innovations

Advertising campaigns must now compete more than ever for consumers’ attention, as people are exposed every day to countless ads found just about everywhere, including in their mailbox. To give consumers of all ages advertising messages that are relevant, interesting, and dynamic, mailers can incorporate a number of innovations into their mail pieces.

Enhancing the Value of Mail: The Human Response

Maintaining and enhancing the value of advertising mail is of strategic importance to the Postal Service. The category provides a significant revenue stream for the Postal Service, accounting for over $20 billion — 31 percent of its total revenue — in fiscal year 2014. With an increasing number of choices of media available to marketers, it is imperative that the Postal Service understand the comparative effectiveness of mail using new powerful tools like neuroscience. Such an understanding, based on scientific evidence, would enable the Postal Service to identify growth opportunities.

Fresh Thinking on Door Drops from the Best Minds in the Business

With insightful thinking from some of the UK’s brightest business minds, including Helen Sawyer from The Leaflet Company and David Beale of MediaCom Response, it’s a testament to why this powerful medium should not be overlooked. Their unique insights offer a window into the world of door drops and their transformative place in the modern marketing mix. As Gavin Wheeler, CEO of WDMP points out, it’s the only channel that can offer 100% coverage of your desired area.

The Private Life of Mail: Mail in the Home, Heart and Head.

Digital media has changed the advertising world. It has brought a variety of new
platforms through which brands and consumers can communicate and share
experiences, from social media forums to e-commerce channels. As a result, new
ways to create and enhance consumer relationships are evolving all the time, as
is the ability to collect and analyse vast amounts of data on consumer behaviour.
We’ve also seen constant change in the way people interact with media such as
TV and the internet.

The Future of Mail: Fresh Thinking from Britain's Best Business Minds

This collection of thought pieces by some of the UK’s leading business minds, who have a wide spectrum of knowledge and experience. These pieces are personal reports from the cutting edge of marketing thinking and reveal how mail is fast becoming a precision tool for customer acquisition and retention. this collection of thought pieces by some
of the UK’s leading business minds. 

It’s all about Mail and Email

At Royal Mail we’ve always believed in using the power of 1 to 1 communications
to build customer relationships.
However, technology has transformed marketing communications. The development
of email and the rapid adoption of smartphones and tablets have changed the way
we connect with customers forever. When you want to talk to customers directly
you now have many different tools at your disposal and that’s a good thing.
So we’ve conducted extensive research to find out how customers prefer
businesses to talk to them. 

The Life Stages of Mail

We set out to understand how people of different ages consumed,
interacted with, and felt about mail. We took this route because we had seen subtle
differences in the way different age groups related to mail. These differences were
linked to age, but not directly correlated.
What we wanted were insights that would help advertisers get the best from their
mail, and help answer questions like:
■ Would digital natives respond differently from older groups?

Using Doordrops to Build Your Business

Doordrops take your business into the heart of the home, giving you access to new
customers. We can reach all 29m households across the UK or just your local area.
In the home, doordrops are read, shared and kept by customers and referred
back to when they make decisions about household purchases. Customers
value doordrops and act upon the messages they receive from local businesses.
This guide will help you understand why doordrops are so valued and why they
can become an important tool to help your business grow.

A Bias For Action

In today’s hyper-digitized world, brands can reach and interact with
consumers in more ways than ever. But when it comes to driving
action, the end game of all marketing, are all channels created equal?
To find out, Canada Post partnered with leading neuromarketing research and strategy
firm True Impact Marketing on a major study – the largest of its kind, in fact – that
quantified the relative effectiveness of physical (direct mail) and digital (email, display)