Marketing Campaign Increased Support of Those in Recovery

Hyannis Family Medical Care is a healthcare facility that specializes in the treatment of drug addiction. The healthcare company wanted a marketing campaign to broaden support for those in need of a recovery program. They mailed brochures to 24,000 local residences, three times over six months. They received over 100 phone inquiries and 54,000 website hits, which they estimate could result in 100 new patien

Yogurt Company Promotes Their Growing Business

YetiYogurt Frozen Creations is a chain of self-serve frozen yogurt stores that built its brand in the Pacific Northwest. The company wanted a marketing campaign that would increase brand awareness and promote new locations. The company used Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) to mail postcards in the area surrounding their location. The initial mailing generated over $4,000.00 in sales at the time of this study.

Restaurant Increased Patronage through Postcard Campaign

Foley’s Backstreet Grille is a restaurant that has been operating since 2005. The restaurant wanted to ensure continued customer loyalty and increase sales. A direct mail campaign that advertised a free dinner was created to show the company’s appreciation to their customers. The campaign has generated a 55% response rate to date.

Trade Show Gained Thousands of Attendees from Direct Mailing

Film Stage & Showbiz Expo is a trade show for the entertainment industry, held in New York and Los Angeles. They have thousands of attendees and contributors from all over the industry and a variety of exhibitors at their shows. They sought a marketing tool to reach a diverse audience of sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees. They chose two types of postcards to connect with two different audience types, potential exhibitors and potential attendees. Their marketing campaign tripled their list of exhibitors and more than quadrupled their list of attendees.

Advertising Mail Innovations

The Digital Age transformed the way many businesses advertise, and while mail has maintained its market share thus far, the Postal Service should innovate to remain a competitive advertising medium.
The OIG identified two opportunities for the Postal Service to modernize its advertising mail offerings: integrating digital technologies with advertising mail and developing online platforms for small businesses.

Advertising Mail: Past and Present

Advertising mail, an important tool for businesses and nonprofit organizations, is critically important to the U.S. Postal Service’s bottom line, generating $19.4 billion in revenue in FY 2015.
Most ad mail is sent as Standard Mail, which declined 20 percent in volume during the Great Recession and has not fully rebounded, unlike before when it kept pace with growth in Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

Advertising Mail Future Prospects in Five Scenarios

The future of advertising mail—currently a critical product for the Postal Service’s bottom line—is uncertain.
Key external factors impacting future advertising mail volumes are: the national economy, the growth of Internet advertising, and the degree to which Internet advertising displaces advertising mail.
Despite the importance of external factors on advertising mail, the future of advertising mail is not predetermined.

Enhancing Mail for Digital Natives

So what does the generation born and raised in the age of the Internet think of something like regular mail? Do so-called Digital Natives, who have little experience with life pre-World Wide Web, have any interest in it? Did they ever? The questions raise critical implications for the future of the U.S. Postal Service, as mail volume has plummeted with the rise of digital communications and the postal reform debate continues.