Direct Marketing: An Imperative In Building Effective Communication In Hospitality Enterprises

The role of marketing in tourism and hospitality cannot be overemphasized due to the experience of countries with a developed sector of tourism and hospitality. Marketing, which entails the communication process with clients and the market, is very important. A form of communication aimed towards the promotion of enterprises is regarded as direct marketing. Hence, this is the subject of analysis in this paper. Direct marketing supports an enterprise in establishing closer relations, understanding, and in creating loyalty among clients.

Grocer Used Customer Data to Create Marketing Profile for Each Store Location

A leading regional grocery marketer faced declining sales revenue and market share among six flagship stores within a key geographic market. The company needed a strategy that would increase sales and allow the store to compete with surrounding grocers. The retailer chose to use data collected on consumer attitudes and behaviors to create marketing profiles for each location. After 8 weeks, the company noted a significant increase in foot traffic and store sales.

Publisher Increases Subscription Rates with Personalized Bundles

A national publisher of magazines wanted to increase subscription rates. They sought a more effective marketing campaign to execute their existing subscription program. They chose a solution that combined a personalized subscription offer with a complimentary gift. The successful marketing plan led to a second event.

Political Mail and Millennials

Understanding Millennials’ attitudes and behaviors toward political mail is vital given the 2016 political climate. To that end, the United States Postal Service conducted focus groups, and conducted an online survey with Summit Research among U.S. adults, with an oversample of Millennials.

We provide insights and guidance regarding:

  • Millennial attitudes, preferences and behavior toward political mail
  • The impact that political mail can have on Millennials
  • Tips that your campaign can put to use in reaching the Millennial audience

Insurance Agency Increased Revenues through Use of Direct Mail

An insurance agency with offices located across the country wanted to increase their agent’s use of a partially reimbursable direct mail marketing program. The agency used direct mail to market on behalf of agents not participating in the reimbursable program. They also offered specialized mailing lists to agents who had previously participated. The marketing campaign grossed over $7 Million in written insurance premiums.

Jewelry Company Increased Awareness with Catalogs

A jewelry company operating for more than 50 years currently has over 3,000 stores across the U.S. and United Kingdom. The company wanted to increase awareness about an expanded product line, so they conducted a test using catalogs to market the brand. The test resulted in increased sales and the adoption of catalogs as a permanent marketing tool.

Interactive Technology Used to Improve Bottled Water Sales

Nestle Waters Direct, Inc. began its bottled water business in 1976; it currently has 29 facilities across North America. As prospective consumers were moving towards online marketing channels, Nestle Waters sought to update their marketing plan. The company decided to integrate digital mail and online technology for a multi-channel marketing approach. The result was increased phone orders and a significant increase in customers who clicked through to the company’s acquisition web page.

Online Re-commerce Store Used Direct Mail to Increase Customer Loyalty

Established in 2009, is a re-commerce business, where customers can buy and sell like-new clothing for women and children. The online company wanted to further engage and attract a loyal customer base. They chose a direct mail marketing campaign to re-engage existing customers during an off peak season. noted an increase in responses and has added direct mail to its marketing mix.

Multi-Channel Marketing Campaign Increased Company’s Sales

An athletic shoe company wanted to increase awareness of their brand across digital channels but found their current strategy left a significant percentage of their audience unreachable. The company added Programmatic Direct Mail® to marketing mix to capture prospective customer’s attention. The company reported a return of 14 times of what they invested in the marketing campaign.