B2B Marketing Data Capturing and Managing Data for Actionable Insights

Data is of utmost importance for business-to-business (B2B) marketers who are trying to deliver targeted and personalized content in account-based marketing. However, many of these marketers are unable to execute such strategies because of the lack of appropriate data-management programs. Internal marketing programs, internal sales and customer service, and third-party information vendors are the most effective sources of marketing data, according to a worldwide survey of B2B marketers by Ascend2 and ReachForce in March 2018.

eMarketer Releases New Addressable TV Ad Spending Estimates

According to eMarketer's latest forecast, U.S. addressable TV spending will reach $1.26 billion in 2017 - and over $3 billion by 2019! eMarketer has included broadcast and cable TV spending in this forecase, but does not include digital TV. Addressable TV ads are targeted ads delivered to the viewers' set-boxes via the provider. These ads can be viewed both during normal broadcasts and through on-demand viewing. Addressable TV has the potential to reach over 74 million households. Programmatic TV ad spending will grow from $1.13 billion in 2017 to $3.8 billion in 2019.

Evaluation and decision making in social media marketing

This paper discusses the relationship between social media evaluation procedures and marketing campaigns. Organizations of all sizes are becoming more invested in social media marketing, as evaluations of these forms of marketing are becoming increasingly important. The purpose of this paper is to contribute to social media strategies and to develop a model to evaluate social media performance and the challenges that arise. The authors have created six-stage framework for this purpose.

Most Important Social Media Metric According to Social Media Marketers Worldwide

The chart in this article ranks the most important social media metrics according to social media marketers worldwide as of 2017. Engagement and conversion rates made up 36% and 35% (respectively) of the importance graph. Clicks to websites accounted for only 13% on the graph. While audience growth made up 9%. Impressions and “other" constituted 3% each for importance. Respondents came from eight different countries. The respondents ranged from associates to board level directors.

Subscription Scorecard Metric Deep Dive: Customer Lifetime Value and Customer Acquisition Cost

At the heart of understanding your relationship with customers are two key metrics that should be evaluated together: customer lifetime value (CLTV) and customer acquisition cost (CAC). This article explores how CLTV and CAC provide even greater insight than when used individually. This article outlines the purpose of these two metrics, highlights various ways each can be calculated, and provides examples of real world applications.

Changes to Facebook Advertising After Cambridge Analytica

Facebook's many recent crises—data privacy, fake news, Russian meddling, unsafe content—are negatively impacting users' perceptions of the platform, a trend which bears further watching. The social media platform reported softness in user metrics in North America for Q1, but this was unlikely to be related to data privacy concerns. From ad targeting to data availability to app developers, Facebook is reviewing and revising its approach. The largest concern right now relates to ad targeting.

The GDPR is coming and will change Facebook ad targeting

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has added a layer of complexity to Facebook's ability to be certified as in compliance with GDPR. This article includes several opinions from experts about how this is going to change ad-targeting. Under the GDPR, Facebook will neither be able to collect and use data for behaviorally targeting ads, be permitted to bundle consent to serve personalized ads. The article sheds light on few options that Facebook has to be able to collect and use data for behaviorally targeting ads.

Improving the benchmarking of social media content strategies using clustering and KPI

Adopting social media campaigns has been a key concern for organizations and has had impacted on organizational performance in a number of ways. Organizations have spent time, effort, and human skills on social media but this raises the need to measure the ROI of the use of social media. This paper analyzes types of social media content strategies and social media KPIs to measure the efficiency. This work is based on previous models of social media content. The paper discusses clustering to group analogue content strategies and use KPI's to analyze the strategies.

Understanding Customer Engagement - How to Map and Make Sense of the Metrics that Matter

Knowing that customer engagement varies according to companies and objectives, this article explains in detail common framework of successful customer engagement metrics. eMarketer experts explain it all; from stating business-level objectives to strategically building a plan, to taking actions that speak the most to your specific customers in different phrases and targeted aspects.

Measure The Return On Sales and Marketing Investments with the CLV:CAC Ratio

Seasoned marketers know that retaining customers is about much more than click-through rates. Particularly for subscription-based companies, an important measurement to remember is the ratio between a customer's lifetime value and their acquisition cost (CLV:CAC). This article shows what numbers to use to understand the spending required to maximize this important ratio.