ForeSee Experience Index: Retail CX Rankings

We surveyed 40,000 shoppers to uncover how their experiences are shaping buying habits, and how well the world’s biggest retailers are meeting their needs. Download the Retail CX Rankings to find out how the top 50 retailers scored on: Customer experience for web, mobile, and store, Omnichannel CX, and Brand loyalty and reputation.

7 Inspiring Email Templates

Technology has changed: smart phones and tablets, and wearables have changed when and where, and even how we interact with our emails. What once required you to sit down at a computer is now something you can do on the train, on a plane, or just on-the-go. But email is still the beating heart of most marketing campaigns - particularly for B2B marketers. While there are a lot of ways to build a good email, nothing is as inspiring as seeing how other people do it. So we've compiled 7 of the most inspiring email templates from B2B companies of all sizes and industries.

The Cross-Channel Difference: How Breaking Down Silos Can Boost Engagement More Than 800%

It’s been clear for a while that using multiple messaging channels to reach customers has a positive effect. But there’s a big difference between knowing that a cross-channel strategy is smart business and understanding just how much adding a second (or third) marketing channel can boost engagement. Braze (formerly Appboy) has the full scoop on what cross-channel can mean for engagement—from how each channel drives engagement to what combinations have the biggest lift. Here’s what you need to know.

eMarketer Report: Email Marketing Benchmarks 

Download to learn: Why marketers still rely on email as a solid-performing channel, What email performance benchmarks are most critical to marketers today, How big data and real-time optimization tactics are helping practitioners ensure emails are relevant to their end user, and What emerging practices marketers are adopting.

The Retailer's Mobile Marketing Playbook

Updated September 2017 to include the latest retail mobile marketing best practices and new examples from brands doing it right. There's been a lot of talk about omni-channel retail marketing this year, and for good reason. Consumers no longer engage with brands through one single channel. They are multi-taskers, and their paths to conversion are no longer linear. So how do retailers adapt to the omni-channel world?

eMarketer Roundup: Mobile Marketing & Advertising Trends

Learn: How the mobile ad market is shaping up, including a breakdown by format, where marketers stand in the mobile app versus mobile web debate, challenges around location data and ad fraud, and what six marketers have to say about advertising on Snapchat.

Email Marketing Performance in 2017

Email offers a lot of value as a channel, yet it also requires significant effort from businesses to realize its full potential. To find out how the email channel is performing, Return Path, in partnership with Ascend2, fielded a survey of 88 B2B and B2C business leaders and marketing decision makers to get their perspective on the state of email.

The Business Case for Optimizing Customer Journeys

If one bad experience is enough to stop a customer from doing business with a brand, what does that say about the mounting expectations that marketers are facing? Consumers are not just comparing their experiences with your brand against those they’ve had with your direct competitors; today, they’re comparing their experiences with your brand against the best experiences they’ve ever had — with any brand. There’s little doubt that optimizing your customer journeys makes sense for your brand and your bottom line; but it’s easier said than done.

The Current State of Marketing Measurement and Attribution

Did you know that 40% of marketers say that their measurement needs improvement? As the availability of data around key buyer interactions catapults marketers to the forefront of a company's revenue strategy, you're being asked now more than ever before how your programs impact pipeline and revenue. Are you adopting measurement best-practices? How does your company stack up? Download our new infographic to learn more about the current state of marketing measurement and where to focus your efforts.  

The Marketing Data Management Starter Kit

According to Experian’s 2016 Global Data Management Benchmark Report, “97% of organizations are looking to achieve a complete view of their customers.” However, Forrester revealed that only 29% of companies are actually successful at connecting analytics to action. You can’t deliver a seamless customer experience if you don’t have unified, actionable data.