The Definitive Guide to Voice Search: How to Beat Your Competitors to the Punch

With the future quickly approaching, everyone is starting embrace voice. Customers are quickly adopting conveient devices like Alexa, Echo, Siri to perform voice search in their homes. This article gives marketers and SEO experts advice on how to prepare for the era of voice search. Neil Patel gives helpful tips in this guide on voice search. In particular, target micro-moments and long-tail keywords help to create a realistic user experience.

Voice Search Will Change Customer Discovery Forever

It is true that customers have started using voice search, but most of them are primarily using this for simple commands and meaningless searches. Intelligent agents can only do simple tasks on users' behalf. However, the authors of this Forrester article forecast that customers will adapt to voice search quickly as they have shorter attention spans, and companies will improve the ability of their intelligent agents to anticipate the need of customers in the next five years.

Social Media Doesn't Set the Mood for Shopping

Thinking you need to get a social media strategy to get ahead? Think again! The eMarketer article presents the argument that social media is not the place where users are most likely to shop. According to their research, Pinterest had the highest level of influence on consumers: 21% of people aged 18-24 said the platform influenced their shopping or purchasing. Furthermore, about 22% of internet users have heard of a product through social media. Why is social media not booming for product advertisement?

How Do Your Google AdWords Metrics Compare to Industry Averages? [New Benchmark Data]

There are two major factors that can reduce PPC: Account activity and quality score. More relevant ad campaigns and landing pages get more clicks, more clicks increase the score, and a higher score means a better PPC. A high quality score will also decrease your cost per acquisition. There are three main ways to improve the quality score. First, use ad extensions like site links, which can increase the number of places where people can click. The second tactic is to try out different texts/messages to reach the target audience. Third, use branded keywords to increase clicks.

Seven Steal-Worthy Drip Campaign Examples (and Why They Work)

Sometimes a drip campaign can feel inauthentic because of poor implementation, but that is no reason to abandon efforts altogether. Often, automating a campaign is the best course of action to take in a marketing strategy. This article gives some great examples of clever drip campaigns, and more importantly explains why they worked so well. Much valuable information can be gleaned from examining a successful campaign.

Email Drip Campaign Tips, Examples, Statistics and Best Practices

From the start, this MarTech article makes an important distinction: while marketers can send amazing emails to the right consumers with the right message, it may not be at the right moment in time. That’s where drip, or automated, campaigns come into the picture. Drip marketing is about understanding the customer’s schedule: what are they doing at this exact moment, and what message do they want to receive? Automated marketing helps to cultivate leads at each stage of the buyer journey so that the customer flows through the stages with ease and no pain points along the way.

The Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords Quality Score

This article is a guide to improving Google AdWord Quality Scores. The first thing marketers should recognize is that there is an account quality score. A lower account score, based on click-through rates, how old the account is, and quality searches, will have a much lower performance. Focus on ad groups that are underperforming as the first place to improve your overall account score.

Drip Marketing 101: Benefits and Best Practices

Interested in automated marketing but don’t know where to start? Understanding the pacing— or as this article calls it, tempo—of your messages and how people feel when they receive them at certain points in time can help improve how you communicate with your prospects and customers. This article discusses the need to nurture leads toward becoming sales-ready, and how to retain customers so that they consistently provide value to your company after their purchase. Read below to find out how to channel your content into a consistent and engaging message for your customers.

How to Achieve A 10/10 Quality Score on Google AdWords

Google’s focus is on providing top user experiences, and advertisers with higher quality ads and relevant landing pages are scored much higher than those with poor ads and landing pages. This article givesfive tips for improving AdWord Quality Scores. The first tip is to create tailored ads that contain the keywords. Secondly, structure the AdWord account to have a large number of targeted ad groups. Next is to choose very relevant landing pages. Another way to improve the score is to use ad extensions. Lastly, always remember to optimize the ads and keywords.

Ten Email Drip Campaign Examples to Steal Today

The usual “sign up to receive my newsletter” opt-in box is losing its power. If you are in real estate, blogging, fashion, cosmetics or an ecommerce industry, here are 10 email drip campaign examples to strike the perfect balance while list building and keeping your subscribers engaged.