A Recipe For Mobile App Success

Deriving its information from a survey of 825 US smartphone owners, this Forrester article delves into the strategies for app success. These include ways to drive app downloads, create optimal app experiences, and set accurate metrics to measure performance. While word of mouth and cross-promotion are effective, the key is combining these strategies with analytics tools that allow you to test hypotheses and business metrics that are right for your business.

Mobile App Installs: What You Need to Know About User Acquisition

More than seven in 10 marketers named user acquisition as a primary goal of their app-install campaigns, reflecting a market that has yet to embrace a more sophisticated model for gaining customers." This article discusses strategies for app user acquisition and attribution. Apple's App Store and Google Play are app markets that require considerations about the minor details: title, icon, description, video preview, and screenshots. Additionally, Facebook is predicted to be a very effective channel, especially when using videos which give high ROI.

Mobile Advertising: A Framework and Research Agenda

Analysts predict that the mobile advertising market will reach over $65 billion by 2019, all because of a small device that most users keep within arm's reach. Despite the growing opportunities for communication with customers, all firms can be negatively impacted by intrusive factors that significantly affect their mobile advertising and other marketing strategies. The purpose of this article is to offer expertise on a mobile advertising effectiveness framework to help marketers identify and harness the market factors around them. In this framework, Grewal et al.

Experimental Designs and Estimation for Online Display Advertising Attribution in Marketplaces

Display-related advertising comprises over a quarter of online advertising revenues, driving 87.8% of media buyers to use real-time bidding to buy digital advertising space. As a result, attribution becomes a key player in determining where and how marketers input their advertising efforts. While randomized experiments have become the standard approach to attribution, they are far from perfect, suffering from multiple confounding effects. This article discusses common traps that could bias your results when running an experiment to determine attribution.

3 ways you can combine print and digital marketing campaigns

Everything old is new again. Here are three steps to begin merging print in a digital-driven market: 1. Direct mail is one of the most measurable forms of media. Get people to opt in to receive your direct mail catalog through a digital campaign and then use the predictability of direct mail to drive other aspects of your online campaign. 2. Adding QR Codes along with personalized URLs to printed mail can help drive traffic to online campaigns. 3. Combine social media and in-person displays, such as inside the booth at an industry event.

15 Clever Interactive Print Ad Examples That Can Complement a Digital Campaign

Interactive print ads are paper-based marketing materials that can do amazing things: Magazine ads that change color at the push of a button, inserts that collect solar power to charge a cell phone, a car ad that includes a mini air bag that inflates when hit. It's all possible. This article collects 15 print advertisements that'll open your eyes to the world of high-tech, interactive print marketing.

3 YouTube Targeting Options You Need to Try

This insightful article provides useful targeting strategies for video advertising. For example, competitor channel targeting allows you to view the YouTube channel or videos of competitors, and set the viewers of this content as your channel target through YouTube’s options. This strategy and others can help you to master the YouTube video campaigns with personalized content that attracts the right customers.

Business Drivers That Will Have a Major Effect on Their Business According to Services and Technology Decision-Makers Worldwide, Q3 2017 (% of respondents) 

In an eMarketer survey, 460 technology and services managers were asked what business drivers will have a major impact their businesses. Important business drivers include the ability to make data-driven and predictive decisions, and the utilization of hyper-personalization to customize products and messages.

US Digital Display Advertising 2018: Seven Big Bets for Buyers and Sellers

Advertisers are making major transitions in the upcoming years, shifting to mobile and video advertising. This eMarketer report provides seven essential trends to be aware of in digital advertising, including major changes in targeting techniques, advertising platforms, and the direction of display dollars. One transition is to social networks like Instagram and Snapchat, where videos are received positively. Advertisers must also anticipate implications of all of these changes and account for them.

Consumers Look to Direct Mail for Restaurant Deals

Restaurants make up one of the largest groups of direct mail users in the business world. The number one channel where US internet users look for dining offers is mail (42%). Whether you are a gigantic chain of restaurants or a mom-and-pop business, keep reading to learn more statistics about how people with differing demographics show interest in preferred channels for receiving dining promotions.