15 Simple Tips for Improving Local SEO

The report demonstrates the importance of local SEO. It includes 15 simple, straightforward recommendations to improve your company's local SEO with the section on keywords, links, tags, Google profiles, maps, virtual tours and reputation management, as well as some general tips for style, context and branding.

We ARe at home: How augmented reality reshapes mobile marketing and consumer-brand relationships

This article examines the relationship between brand and consumer relationships and how they can be facilitated through augmented reality. In particular this study focuses on the use of Sephora's mobile augmented reality app by consumers. This study also looks at the integration of self-augmentation and consumers' self-concepts. The study also looks at where consumers use augmented reality apps. This study suggests that augmented reality apps need to be user-friendly, but not perfect, in order to be successful.

Market Guide for Mobile App Analytics

Organizations run the risk of app abandonment and poor user engagement when they fail to understand how to integrate mobile analytics with the business goals, effectively gather user feedback, and sift through the troves of information analytics provides.

Augmented reality: Research agenda for studying the impact of its media characteristics on consumer behaviour

This study explores the effect of augmented reality on consumer responses. The study uses interactive technologies such as interactive screens and smart device apps. The study has found that augmented reality differs from other forms of interactive media. Augmented reality has a low connectivity which relates to a low social-interactive engagement. However, augmented reality does have the ease of mobility and location-specificity, which relates to a more unique customer experience.

Market Guide For Augmented Reality

This article discusses the various uses of augmented reality. The article discusses several tactics that businesses could employ to better utilize augmented reality when developing consumer experiences. On the consumer side, this article discusses the ways in which consumers utilize augmented reality. This article also takes a look at the history and development of augmented reality. Gartner predicts that by the year 2020, there will be over 35 million augmented and virtual reality applications sales.

How AR and VR will Reshape Shopping

This article explores the time in which augmented reality and virtual reality users believe advanced shopping scenarios will become mainstream. 17% of augmented and virtual reality users worldwide said that scenario is already mainstream. 19% of users believe it is already mainstream for shopping to be done via smartphone, and physical stores will disappear. 17% of augmented and virtual reality users believe that these technologies will make it possible to get all the benefits of shopping in a store directly on a smartphone.

Product categories for which US shoppers would likely shop via augmented reality

This article showcases the categories that US internet users would like to shop for via augmented reality. 60% of internet shoppers would prefer to shop for furniture via augmented reality. 55% of internet shoppers would prefer augmented reality to shop for clothes. Groceries were preferred by 40% of internet shoppers and shoes were preferred by 35% of internet shoppers. Make-up and jewelry were preferred by 25% of internet shoppers. While toys were preferred by 22% of internet shoppers. This study was based on the responses of 1,062 online shoppers in August 2016.

Augmented reality: Designing immersive experiences that maximize consumer engagement

This article discusses the many ways in which marketers can utilize augmented reality in their marketing campaigns. Augmented reality provides marketers with the ability to create interactive ads, create immersive brand experiences, and create new and novel ways for consumers to experience brand products. This article has created a framework in which the active and passive functions of augmented reality are explored. Also, the article discusses the way in which marketers should plan an augmented reality campaign.

Evaluation of an Augmented Reality Embedded On-line Shopping System

This study focuses on a Taiwanese shopping website that contained an augmented reality feature for customers to try on headwear. Thirty participants were recruited and the study showed that participants preferred the augmented reality instead of not having it. The augmented reality system resulted in less mouse clicks, mouse speed, and paging frequency. This indicates that augmented reality can assist customers in making more efficient shopping decisions. Reducing mouse operating time and paging can in turn reduce anxiety, making more efficient decisions.

The State Of Mobile Advertising: Context And Measurement Wanted

In their 2017 Global Mobile Advertising Benchmark Online Survey, Forrester surveyed 278 global marketers on their practices in mobile advertising initiatives. While marketers are spending more and more on advertising budgets, they often are not putting their money to good use. A great challenge to marketers is the collection of accurate and high-quality data, which many marketers are unable to do. Another challenge for marketers is resorting to banner ads, first-and last-click attribution, and demographic targeting instead of adopting new and improved methods.