Business Drivers That Will Have a Major Effect on Their Business According to Services and Technology Decision-Makers Worldwide, Q3 2017 (% of respondents) 

In an eMarketer survey, 460 technology and services managers were asked what business drivers will have a major impact their businesses. Important business drivers include the ability to make data-driven and predictive decisions, and the utilization of hyper-personalization to customize products and messages.

US Digital Display Advertising 2018: Seven Big Bets for Buyers and Sellers

Advertisers are making major transitions in the upcoming years, shifting to mobile and video advertising. This eMarketer report provides seven essential trends to be aware of in digital advertising, including major changes in targeting techniques, advertising platforms, and the direction of display dollars. One transition is to social networks like Instagram and Snapchat, where videos are received positively. Advertisers must also anticipate implications of all of these changes and account for them.

Fender blasts digital airwaves with hyper-targeted paid social, video and display campaign

Among marketing strategies, hyper-targeting can generate personalized messages to connect with customers. The guitar maker Fender provides a great example with its groundbreaking hyper-targeted campaign. Through a combination of blending customer data, combining personas with behaviors, and mapping touch points, Fender was able to generate almost 2.5 million video views and sky-high engagement rates.

The Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail

Direct mail has a reputation for being spammy, but in the right situations, direct mail could be a crucial differentiator in a world where your prospects’ email inboxes are becoming increasingly crowded and their physical mailboxes get emptier. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C business, try using the methods in the blog to make your direct mail more creative, relevant, targeted and engaging.

Augmented reality: Research agenda for studying the impact of its media characteristics on consumer behaviour

This study explores the effect of augmented reality on consumer responses. The study uses interactive technologies such as interactive screens and smart device apps. The study has found that augmented reality differs from other forms of interactive media. Augmented reality has a low connectivity which relates to a low social-interactive engagement. However, augmented reality does have the ease of mobility and location-specificity, which relates to a more unique customer experience.

Experimental Designs and Estimation for Online Display Advertising Attribution in Marketplaces

Display-related advertising comprises over a quarter of online advertising revenues, driving 87.8% of media buyers to use real-time bidding to buy digital advertising space. As a result, attribution becomes a key player in determining where and how marketers input their advertising efforts. While randomized experiments have become the standard approach to attribution, they are far from perfect, suffering from multiple confounding effects. This article discusses common traps that could bias your results when running an experiment to determine attribution.

Mobile Advertising: A Framework and Research Agenda

Analysts predict that the mobile advertising market will reach over $65 billion by 2019, all because of a small device that most users keep within arm’s reach. Despite the growing opportunities for communication with customers, all firms can be negatively impacted by intrusive factors that significantly affect their mobile advertising and other marketing strategies. The purpose of this article is to offer expertise on a mobile advertising effectiveness framework to help marketers identify and harness the market factors around them. In this framework, Grewal et al.

50 Social Media Best Practices

Social media accounts for a third of all time spent online. Naturally, marketers have embraced the channel — and some highly effective strategies have surfaced. Discover 50 standout practices for marketers on social media, including strategies for: Social listening to measure success and improve campaigns, interacting with fans and detractors to strengthen relationships, and creating relevant, scroll-stopping ads and content.

Get Ominichannel Meausrement Right

This eBook, A Guide to Omnichannel Campaign Measurement, will give you a valuable start on improving the return on your marketing spend. It will help you: Understand the importance of leveraging both digital and offline channel data for holistic and accurate measurement, learn how investing in accurately designed test-and-control experiments increases the effectiveness of your campaigns, and discover how laying a unified data foundation for your marketing and advertising ecosystem enables accurate measurement.

365 Days of Hashtags and Content Ideas for Social Media and Beyond

365 Days of Content Ideas & Hashtags will make sure you never run dry of fun ideas for your marketing content and social media. Learn different topic and hashtag for every day of 2018 based on national and international "day of" events, holidays, and celebration days, and keep your social engagement relevant and your reach high.