Embedding Social Media Into The Marketing Mix

Social media is now embedded in every aspect of the customer journey — from ratings and reviews to "like" buttons to tweets. The opportunity for interactive marketing has evolved from building individual social applications to using social media to enhance a wide variety of marketing channels, including established interactive channels like display media and search marketing and even more traditional marketing like TV advertising and in-store marketing.

What To Look For When Hiring Consultants To Help With Customer Journey Maps

Companies tell us that they're interested in using customer journey maps as tools to analyze and communicate their customers' perspectives on the interactions they deliver. Creating and using customer journey maps does not require great technical skill; it's an activity that really only requires the involvement of teams from around the business. However, many firms look to external consultants to help them create and use their customer journey maps.

Customer Journey Mapping: What Is It For?

Forrester clients tell us that they're eager to use customer journey maps because they see the documents as ideal tools to analyze and communicate their customers' perspectives on the interactions they deliver. However, even enthusiastic organizations sometimes struggle to determine the objectives they should pursue with customer journey mapping. Forrester interviewed five companies that use customer journey maps to understand how the approach has benefited them.

How To Get Value From Customer Journey Maps

This report describes best practices for using journey maps to drive improvements in customer experience. Customer journey maps are foundational tools that support companies' efforts to improve customer experience. To understand how companies can successfully apply journey mapping to achieve their business objectives, Forrester spoke with firms that use customer journey maps and agencies that use customer journey maps in their engagements with clients. Our interviews revealed common pitfalls in journey mapping initiatives and ways to avoid them.

Making The Case For Interactive Attribution In Your Organization

Interactive attribution is a key measurement strategy that provides a deeper understanding of the contribution of each digital marketing contact along the customer journey. By using attribution, marketers can improve efficiency and boost performance across the digital ecosystem and beyond. But many organizations have yet to adopt attribution. This report will help you build your case to adopt interactive attribution in your firm and address the internal questions and challenges that frequently get in the way of employing attribution.

The Customer Experience Index, 2012

This report provides benchmarks of the quality of customer experience at major companies. It should be used to help customer experience professionals set goals and optimize as they transform their firm into an experience-driven organization. To assess the state of customer experience in 2012, Forrester asked more than 7,600 US consumers about their interactions with a variety of companies. Based on their responses, we calculated Customer Experience Index scores for 160 brands across 13 industries.

Five Creative Approaches For Using Personas And Customer Journey Maps Effectively

Personas and customer journey maps are central to companies' customer understanding programs. To understand how firms can get the full benefit from these tools, Forrester interviewed both vendor and user companies. This report describes the pragmatic and creative approaches that five of the organizations have used to ensure that their investments in customer understanding tools pay off.

Brief: How Journey Maps Unify Customer Experience And Business Technology Efforts

Technology is inseparable from today's customer experiences. To succeed, customer experience(CX) pros must strengthen their ties with business technology (BT) teams. One vital tool in this effort — customer journey mapping. This report examines how journey maps add value to joint CX and BT activities and explores ways that CX pros can involve BT pros in CX efforts.

Brief: Customer Journey Mapping Is Becoming Key To Digital Transformation

As businesses seek success in the age of the customer, they need to rework and transform their business processes to align with the rising expectations of their empowered clients. In this context, the concept of customer journey mapping (CJM) becomes a key element of the digital transformation toolkit for business and technology management leaders in general and CIOs in particular.

Bridge Complex Customer Journeys With Continuous Business Services

Digitally empowered customers are redefining how business is won, forcing firms to become digital businesses that leverage digital technologies across the ecosystem. Winning in this fast-paced digital era requires CIOs to adopt a new approach. Traditional solutions fail to support the ongoing changes that customers demand and can't keep up with the compounded complexity of customer-journey moments through multiple channels and across multiple organizations. This report looks at the emerging use of continuous business services (CBSes) to bridge this complexity.