Getting Direct With Direct Mail

As marketers continue to explore methods of advertising – social, search, email – it’s now possible to reach consumers anytime, anywhere. In this increasingly digitized world, some businesses have discounted the value of direct mail. However, recent research has revealed that overall engagement remains high, particularly among Millennials. Heightened engagement both with mail and new media provides opportunity for campaigns to reach consumers across multiple touchpoints, increasing impact.

12 dazzling examples of direct mail design

This article introduces 12 tips for creating an innovative direct mail piece. Some ideas include using interesting characters, subtle textures, creative die cut windows or confrontational images so that the mail piece can better attract the recipients’ attention. Also, 3D objects can be put onto the mail piece and small unique touches can be used for sealing the envelope. Additionally, the address area of an envelope should be paid attention to as it is the best place to tell the recipients about what is inside.

Mail Innovation

Even though digital communication grows sharply, direct mail remains as effective as it has been. This paper highlights the significance of direct mail and displays three categories of mail innovation that can provide value to both senders and recipients. The first category is connected mail linking recipients to a digital experience through the use of mobile or computer devices. The format of this category contains QR Codes, Augmented Reality, Near Field Communication and Webkeys.

10 Creative Direct Mail Examples

Creating an innovative direct mail campaign can elicit a solid call to action and increase the market sale. This article lists 10 successful direct mail campaigns. One example is the World Water Day mailing piece, which uses a special texture so that the letter cannot be read until exposed to water. This innovative mailpiece can enhance the awareness of recipients about Water Day. Furthermore, the business should aim to improve the interaction with their audience while running a direct mail campaign.

12 Brilliant Direct Marketing Pieces You Have to See

Direct mail should grab recipients' attention and create connections with customers; therefore it is important to make an effective and creative direct mailpiece. Take IKEA as an example, which adds a 3D pop-up object in their mailpiece, impressing recipients in a surprising way and thus enhancing the brand awareness. Besides creating an innovative direct mailpiece, there is another aspect that needs to be considered while running a direct mail marketing campaign.

How (and When) You Actually Should Use Direct Mail

About 64% of people visit a website and 47% visit a store as the result of the direct mail they received. In this article, Neil Patel discusses how to make a direct mail marketing campaign stand out. First of all, direct mail’s timing matters. An ideal time for businesses to send their mailpiece is during the holidays, as people are expecting to receive Happy Holiday cards. Another key event when a business should send mailpieces is on a customer's birthday, which will raise brand awareness, as well as make a good impression.

Podcast Advertising 2018 The Power and Potential of Storytelling for Brands

This article details how podcasting is an effective platform for brands to use for marketing. On a monthly basis, over 73 million Americans will listen to a podcast. Trust and recall for brands advertised in a podcast is highest compared to all other audio platforms. Thirty percent of all monthly podcast listeners are between 12 and 24 years old, and 27% of listeners are male. Nearly half of all podcasts are listened to in the car.

Podcasts: A Small but Significant Audience

This article discusses the audiences of traditional radio compared to podcast audiences. Although the number of podcast listeners is on the rise, over 90% of the adult population continue to listen to traditional radio. Ad spend continues to be much higher on traditional radio compared to podcasts; however it is expected that by 2020 ad revenues on podcasts will increase by 110%. Additionally, advertisers are increasing their spend on podcast marketing. Podcasts offer the ability to have highly relevant ads to the user, as many podcast ads are read by the podcast host.

How to Use Podcasts to Grow Interest in Your Brand

This article explains why and how marketers should add podcasts to their marketing strategy. The first reason is the accessibility of podcasts—most are free and offer the ability to reach an on-the-go audience. Additionally, while 65% of the population are visual learners, 30% of the population are auditory learners, so podcasts offer the ability to reach these auditory learners through a spoken ad. Podcasts can also help in brand awareness and engagement, as podcasts are a great way to build trust between the brand and the audience.

How to Extend your Brand by Building a Podcast

This article provides a rationale for companies to utilize podcasts as an extension of their brand. Podcast use and popularity have grown since podcasting was invented in 2004, and there are currently over 500,000 podcasts available today. Brands should leverage the reasons people listen to podcasts when creating a podcast, which include authenticity, convenience, simplicity, and nostalgia. There are many benefits for brands that create their own podcast, which include creating brand awareness and driving traffic to their website.