Want to Talk to Me?: What Customers Want in Exchange for Their Personal Information

Royal Mail MarketReach conducted online surveys with customers and donors in seven
key market sectors. The objective was to understand consumer attitudes towards
providing organisations permission to hold and use their personal information.
This report summarises our research and provides an overview that should be useful
for any marketers who collect, hold and use personal information.
Our findings reveal that trust is central to customers’ willingness to provide data.
Firstly, people need to trust in the competence of an organisation to protect their
information from loss or theft. People are worried about hacking, phishing and
identity theft. Overall, 71% of our sample said they were concerned (47% very
concerned, 24% fairly concerned) that a supplier could lose their contact details.
It is an issue of data security.
Secondly, people need to trust the intent of an organisation in relation to the use of
their data. They are particularly concerned that it will be passed on to third parties
without their knowledge or understanding of why. They also want reassurances that
the organisation will use their information to send more relevant communications,
not just more. 

Royal Mail
Royal Mail
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