Want To Be Loved? Go Mobile!

Visitor psycho-cognitive and psycho-emotive response times were monitored on desktop computers (WindowsOS, Apple, Linux), laptops and netbooks (WindowsOS, Apple, Android, Linux), tablets (Android, WindowsOS, Apple), mobile phones (Android, WindowsOS, Apple) and web-enabled TV (Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Vizio, Sony). This data was matched both to self-described behavior during visits/use of branded apps, online behaviors captured during navigation and conversion and inperson observations of people using the different personal communication platforms listed above. The data demonstrated that consumers have stronger emotional responses to their site vis its/branded app use when the visit is conducted on a mobile platform than other platforms. One aspect of these polarity response effects is that consumers believed brand messages were more trustworthy when received on mobile devices than on other personal communication devices.

International Journal of Mobile Marketing
McRae, Eois; Carrabis, Joseph; Carrabis, Susan; Hamel, Stephane
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