The voice as a relationship milestone

Google research shows that, during online purchases, 61 per cent of consumers find it very important to be able to pick up the phone and call a business. In the digital era, a clear return on investment can now be calculated for all online sales and marketing spend. The age of marketing automation is upon us, but, as it stands, it does not include offline data, and marketers are using data for targeting personalized offers, rather than improving the overall customer experience. As mobile has become the first screen for so many consumers, marketers are asking how to obtain a better picture of the customer journey and what that might mean for their experience. This article reports on an international survey researching the power of voice in marketing, what data matters, how voice is valued by the consumer, and what marketers and brands can do to enhance the customer experience. 


Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice
Vaghela, Bhavesh
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