2016 will be the year in which digital display ad spending surpasses search ad spending in the US. What do advertisers and publishers need to know to keep pace with this acceleration? eMarketer shares the top trends to track.
■ Programmatic advertising will continue to drive growth and innovation. In a first, more than 50% of all US digital video ad spending will flow via automation in 2016. Programmatic direct deals and video are two significant factors contributing to this rise.
■ Consumers’ cross-screen habits will push the industry to begin to tie digital and TV together—first through sharing data. Demand for cross-device will also keep buyers investing in “walled gardens,” such as those created by Facebook and Google, where many cross-device challenges, such as targeting and measurement, are much closer to  being solved.
■ Brands and advertisers will continue their push to own and amass first-party data. And many will look to use that data to begin to merge their ad tech and marketing technologies.
■ Publishers will tackle ad blocking head on. They will look to monitor and to better understand its effects on their own properties, and many will re-evaluate their advertising efforts as a result.
■ With regard to issues of ad quality, many will look to shift from standard CPMs to viewable CPMs. In addition, the focus on ad fraud will expand to mobile and broaden beyond nonhuman traffic.

Fisher, Lauren
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