U.S. Brand Activation Marketing Forecast report

“Brand activation” refers to marketing that both builds a brand’s image and drives a specific consumer behavior or action. Brand activation focuses on six disciplines (or platforms) that connect and interact with the consumer to bring the brand to life: promotion marketing, experiential marketing, retailer marketing, relationship marketing, content marketing, and influencer marketing. These six platforms of brand activation include 32 different channels.


Work on the report began in mid-2015 and was completed in April 2016. Several hundred executives at media and entertainment companies, financial institutions, consulting firms, media agencies, and brands participated, providing information and data on key trends and growth in campaign media spending.

Thousands of public and private documents were also examined from more than 5,000 sources pertaining to regional and market-specific trends and data in content marketing, the advertising and marketing ecosystem, economic sectors, and demographic profiles. Other factors, such as technology penetration rates that might affect the content marketing industry, the overall advertising environment, the economy, and consumer media usage behavior and spending patterns were also considered.


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