TubeMogul Quarterly Report Q1 2016

The TubeMogul Quarterly Report features valuable information on industry growth and economics, performance, and trends in format usage. It also reports key performance metrics in each quarter.

This quarter(Q1 2016) we continue to see growth in auctions across pre-roll, connected TV and display ad formats. Pre-roll prices increased 18% from Q4 2015 and are up 19% from last year. Mobile CPMs fell 34% from last quarter while connected TV CPMs increased 18%.

Video ad completion rates increased slightly over Q4 2015 across the board at a rate of 4% or less. Mobile completion rates increased 29% year over year and averaged 64% overall in Q1 2016.

Advertisers have continuously shifted more attention to mobile over the last 4 quarters. Mobile impressions took 29% of impression share this quarter, up 3 percentage points from Q4. Pre-roll impressions remained relatively steady, representing 59% of impressions.

In the last few quarters, the US has favored 15-second ad duration over 30-seconds. In Q1 2016, 58% of all pre-roll ads were placed in 15-second spots. In mobile pre-roll, 15-second spots take up nearly two-thirds of impressions at 64%.

This quarter, we saw a dip in mobile inventory which is likely due to changes in TubeMogul’s categorization and not likely due to changes in inventory. We will update these findings next quarter.

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