This Time It's Personal - Discover How Valued Mail Can Drive Value for Advertisers

The objective of the research was to understand the characteristics of mail that
consumers found valuable. A key part of this exercise was to find out if and how the
mail that consumers valued also drove value for the organisation that sent it – in other
words the notion of reciprocity or ‘value exchange’.
We looked at six sectors where mail is a key part of the media mix: financial services,
utilities and telecoms, public sector, charity, travel and tourism, and retail.
We discovered that mail items valued by consumers could come from any sector, and
be of any type – from a statement or bill to a catalogue, brochure or magazine.
Familiarity was a factor: 85% of our 3,000 respondents in the quantitative stage chose
an item that came from an existing supplier or relationship.
Why? The essence of consumer valued mail is personal relevance.
Mail from current suppliers benefits from a personal connection between the recipient
and the brand or organisation, often driven by data-derived information and insight.
Acquisition mail can be relevant and thus valued too; but also needs to deliver the right
message at the right time.
Mail that consumers value speaks to them – not at them – about things they care
about. It could be information about an upcoming holiday or reminding someone to
attend an appointment. In short, it is focused first and foremost on the recipient – not
the sender.

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