State of the Industry: A close look at retargeting and the programmatic marketer

Today’s marketers are becoming more like analysts,
using technology to understand and react to always-on
consumers in real time. It’s only natural that they’ve
begun to demand tools that support their vision for
a full-funnel, multi-platform, data-driven marketing strategy.
Retargeting has been a breakout tactic since marketing
made the shift from traditional trial and error programs
to real-time programmatic campaigns. With retargeting,
marketers could directly target the most promising
individual consumers. It introduced a simple, practical
way to put programmatic ambitions and valuable
customer intent data into action, and drove clearly
measurable ROI. In 2014, US programmatic digital display ad spend
grew 137.1%, accounting for 45.0% of the US digital
display advertising market. CPMs have continued to
increase significantly year over year, which means the
cost of buying the wrong impression has also gone up.
Retargeting was one of the first tools to help solve this
problem, and marketers adopted it at a rapid rate.
Retargeting may have started as a bottom-of-the-funnel
solution, but what else can it do? Is it just a conversion
tactic or does it have staying power and growth
potential? What drives marketers to invest time and
resources in retargeting?

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