The Social Technographics® Intensity Matrix Drives Tactical Success

In 2013, Forrester introduced two new data models — the Social Technographics® Score and the Social Technographics Intensity Matrix — to help you better understand your audiences' social behaviors and preferences and build more-successful social programs. Once you've used the Social Technographics Score to help set your social strategy, turn to the Social Technographics Intensity Matrix to find the social tactics most likely to succeed. The intensity matrix — an update to Forrester's old Social Technographics ladder — details not just your audience's social behaviors (e.g., posting, commenting, and consuming) but also the locations in which they engage in those behaviors (e.g., social networks, communities, and brand sites). This report, originally published in January 2014 and now updated with 2014 Consumer Technographics data, details how to interpret your audience's Social Technographics Intensity Matrix and how to use it in combination with the Social Technographics Score to drive greater social success.

Elliott, Nate; Strohmenger, Roxana
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