The Role Of Print Advertising During Product Recall Crisis

A product recall is a request to return to the maker a batch or an entire production run of a product, usually due to the discovery of safety issues. The recall is an effort to limit liability for corporate negligence (which can cause costly legal penalties) and to improve or avoid damage to publicity. Recalls are costly to a company because they often entail replacing the recalled product or paying for damage caused by use, although possibly less costly than consequential costs caused by damage to brand name and reduced trust in the manufacturer. Product recalls are pervasive economic phenomenon, which occur frequently and can have devastating consequences for the recalling firm. This paper documents the significance of product recalls, and of advertising as a means of recall communication. This paper presents taxonomy of the major modes of advertising encountered in product recall campaigns. Additionally, certain prescriptive admonitions are suggested for each of the three dominant print modes; direct mail, display ads, and point-of-sales messages. Finally, a series of basic generalizations about recall print advertising are advanced.

Innovare Journal of Business Management
Desai, Pranav; Patel, Naresh
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