The Role of the Marketing Mix in Television Media and the Concept of “Consumer Audience”

This paper analyses the application of the basic principles of the marketing mix in one of the most important mass medias - the television, in the direction of satisfying the needs of consumers, as well as maximizing the financial results: product (television program and the audience), price (at which `produced` viewers are sold to the advertisers), promotion (of one's own TV program) and the distribution (programming). The paper is based on the basic theoretical and practical knowledge of the marketing concept and leads to its practical application in television as mass media. With an increasing number of viewing options and changes in different fields of business, living and various viewing habits of the public, the need for a more consistent adoption of the marketing concept in media, especially television increases as well. At the same time, appropriate changes and adjustments in this direction are necessary on the side of the advertisers. In a world of fiercer media competition and everyday audience fragmentation, an urgent compliance of the marketing strategies and tactics will be necessary in order to `produce` a sufficient size and composition of `known` audience suitable to be sold to the advertisers.

Economic Development
Petkovska Mirchevska, Tatjana; Filkov, German
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