Rapid e-learning puts Canon sales team in the picture

– The purpose of this paper is to describe how rapid e‐learning helped imaging‐products manufacturer Canon to train more than 500 sales staff, from various countries, in the key messages and approach they would need to operate successfully at the world's biggest media and print fair.

– The paper explains the background to the training, the form it took and the results it achieved.

– The paper reveals that Canon and e‐learning specialist Kineo used a rapid e‐learning approach to deliver three key objectives: an engaging e‐learning design that reflected Canon's values; a fast‐track collaborative development process; and a fast, low‐cost delivery model that tracked progress.

Practical implications
– The paper shows that the project involved the development and delivery of an engaging, high‐quality piece of e‐learning in two languages and the development and deployment of a Moodle learning‐management system in three‐and‐a‐half weeks.

Social implications
– The paper describes a learning method with a wide range of possible applications in society.

– The paper explains how e‐learning can quickly train large numbers of geographically dispersed employees to carry out a specific task with a high degree of competence.

Training & Management Development Methods
Pollitt, David
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