Participative marketing: extending social media marketing through the identification and interaction capabilities from the Internet of things

Internet of things extends the capabilities to identify products with new technologies such as near field communication, radio-frequency identification, quick response code and with existing identification technologies such as barcode. Identification allows to retrieve extended information and knowledge of the products. Thereby, customers are able to retrieve and share knowledge among the different products. This work presents the participative marketing as the evolution from the social media marketing toward the active participation from the prosumers and the empowerment of the marketing with the collective intelligence. Thereby, participative marketing enables new interaction and participation models based on the ubiquitous identification. This has been evaluated in a social platform, which integrates the knowledge and experiences from the customers, and in a mobile platform, which interacts with the products through the mentioned identification technologies.

Personal and Ubiquitous Computing
Jara, Antonio J;Parra, María Concepción;Skarmeta, Antonio F
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