Paper and pixels: Putting a digital stamp on direct mail

This article seeks to demonstrate how direct mail is not only defending its place in a digital world, but is becoming more important as the line between digital and physical blurs.
By 2025, a TSensors' study predicts, there will be trillions of sensors in operations in cars, buildings, streets; everything that can be connected will be.
Already a powerful marketing channel because of the way people interact with physical paper, what makes mail even better is how it extends that tactile experience into a digital mobile experience.
Tech is making mail more relevant through augmented reality, NFC, and QR codes that create an interactive experience.
Digital previews of the front of each direct mail piece can be seen by email or through an app; Informed Delivery service will elevate the role of mail in the everyday consumer experience.
In the context of adblocking, omni-channel brands are better placed to disrupt the trend by retaining relevance and salience.

ANA Magazine
Karpeno, Christopher
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