The new (and ever-evolving) direct and digital marketing ecosystem

The notion of an ecosystem has surfaced. Popularized by environmentalists referring to a community of living organisms, the concept has had a firm place in business strategy since it appeared in Moore's 1993 article 'Predators and prey: A new ecology of competition". He defined it as an economic community supported by a foundation of interacting organizations and individuals. He suggested that the members of the ecosystem - suppliers, lead producers, competitors and other stakeholders - need to align themselves with the directions set by one or more central companies. Moore pointed out, correctly, that the leaders may change over time. Marketing is operating within a complex and rapidly evolving ecosystem that combines internal and external resources. This article considers the elements that are in play and how they are affecting the way in which marketers themselves need to evolve.

Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice
Stone, Merlin
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