Multichannel customer segmentation: Does the after-sales channel matter? A replication and extension

Segmentation is critical in developing a successful multichannel customer management strategy. Multiple
researchers recognized the need to adopt a multi-stage customer journey perspective, taking into account the
channels used for information search and product purchase. This paper aims to advance previous research in
this area. Specifically, we replicate and extend Konuş, Verhoef, and Neslin's (2008) original study in four ways:
we include (i) the after-sales service stage and (ii) the often overlooked yet important call center channel in
the segmentation scheme. We (iii) utilize self-report channel behavior instead of measures of channel appropriateness
and (iv) investigate the value of previously ignored covariates, such as product complexity, to predict
segment membership

International Journal of Research in Marketing
Keyser, Arne De; Schepers, Jeroen; Konus, Umut
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