The Motives and Benefits Of Using Customer Experience Led Differentiators In The Re-Launching Of A Failed Product

Cranes and Components (India) Ltd. (Case Company) expanded their product portfolio through a downward line extension when they launched the BAS range of products comprising chain hoists, rope hoists and crane kits. The range is targeted for use in lower duty conditions that do not call for the PRO range of Case Company's products. The distribution and sale of the BAS range is mainly through the dealer and OEM channel as opposed to the direct sales that the traditional portfolio uses. The first introduction, the DC BAS was well-accepted in the market and the sales performance exceeded expectations. The DR BAS was launched on the back of this in 2011. However, it did not make much headway and continues to lag sales expectations. While launching the DR-BAS all the traditional marketing approaches and best practices were utilized, yet the results were less than satisfactory. The Customer Experience approach was then decided to be followed so as to understand what are the Customer Experience gaps that are impacting sales of DR BAS, and how can the DR BAS experience be meaningfully differentiated for the end-customers. It was found that the Case Company engaged its end-customers well in the initial stages of the customer journey aided by its strong brand image and good pre-sales/pre-association interactions. The end-customer experience faltered in the post-purchase stage, though - with poor experiences around Delivery and Erection & Commissioning.

Advances in Business-Related Scientific Research Journal
Pillai, Anil; George, Babu P.
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