Mobile Marketing: Applications And Implications For Physicians In Private Practice

The rapid proliferation of mobile technologies and mobile devices has resulted in an increase in the importance of mobile marketing and has captured the interest of academic researchers from a wide variety of disciplines. Due to its unique characteristics, mobile marketing is playing an increasingly significant role in marketing communication and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) efforts of organizations in various industries and professions. As mobile technologies and applications continue to evolve, the resulting opportunities for their increased use in the health care sector at large, and within specific sectors in the industry, are poised to increase significantly in coming years. Specifically, this paper explores the primary applications and implications of mobile marketing for physicians in private practice. Some of the key questions and challenges associated with the integration of mobile technologies by physicians in private practice are investigated and suggestions are made for future research directions.

American Journal of Health Sciences
Resch, Peter M; Tena, Marta
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