Mobile Advertising Effectiveness on Gen Y's Attitude and Purchase Intentions

Advertising has evolved with each trending media platform in India. Digital era is catching up in India too and mobile advertising is not left behind. Research pegs mobile advertising at about Rs.430 crore in India by the end of 2014. The mobile revolution in India is championed by Gen Y. Hence this paper tries to study the factors which influence the attitude towards mobile ads, attitude towards brands advertising on mobile platforms and purchase intentions for these brands amongst Gen Y in a permission based and non-permission based environment. Descriptive research design was used to conduct the research. Cronbach alpha was used to test the validity of the questionnaire. Pearson correlation, Factor analysis and multiple regressions was used to analyze the data. The results highlight the importance of informativeness and credibility as the 2 most important factors forming purchase intentions. The introduction of permission as a mediator does not alter any results. Hence permission is yet to gain importance amongst Gen Y in Indian market.

International Journal of Marketing & Business Communication
Trivedi, Jay Prakash
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