Mail Innovations

Advertising campaigns must now compete more than ever for consumers’ attention, as people are exposed every day to countless ads found just about everywhere, including in their mailbox. To give consumers of all ages advertising messages that are relevant, interesting, and dynamic, mailers can incorporate a number of innovations into their mail pieces. These innovations can help bolster the strength of message by, for example, providing additional content easily accessed digitally, incorporating handy electronics into the mailpiece, or using unique materials and designs to capture and hold attention.

Mail Innovations provides an overview of ten mail innovations that range from commonly used and well-known tools to some that are still emerging, and even one that is still in development. Our office interviewed companies that create and support these innovations to learn more about them and how they can enhance a mail campaign by more effectively engaging potential customers. Our previous work has established that, despite the sharp increase in digital communications in recent years, mail still elicits a strong connection with recipients. The innovations highlighted here can not only help maintain that connection, but possibly even make it stronger.

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