The Life Stages of Mail

We set out to understand how people of different ages consumed,
interacted with, and felt about mail. We took this route because we had seen subtle
differences in the way different age groups related to mail. These differences were
linked to age, but not directly correlated.
What we wanted were insights that would help advertisers get the best from their
mail, and help answer questions like:
■ Would digital natives respond differently from older groups?
■Which groups are most likely to respond by phone? And which type of phone
– smartphone or landline?
■ How does a consumer’s experience of mail affect the way they respond?
■ How is mail shared and discussed in different types of households?
■ Who takes responsibility for dealing with mail?
■ How do young parents, perhaps at the most momentous change point in their
lives, interact with mail?
Our path led us to analyse consumers by life stage. It is a framing device that
incorporates age, but allows for sensitivity to other variables that are significant to

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Royal Mail
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