Introducing The New Social Technographics®: The First Step Toward Social Success

For most marketers, the question is no longer whether their customers use social media but rather how best to use social media to interact with those customers. So we've created a new data model — the Forrester Social Technographics® Score. It shines the light on the commercial side of people's social behaviors to help marketers choose among social strategies. Your first step should be to evaluate how important social tools are in your customers' life cycle. That tells you how important social should be in your marketing plans. Second, study three subfactors: the discover factor, the explore factor, and the engage factor. These show you where social tools fit into your customers' journeys and, therefore, which social marketing strategies should work best. This report reveals Social Technographics trends among key audiences and shows marketers how to find — and use — Social Technographics data for their own customers. This report was originally published in June 2012; Forrester has reviewed and updated it periodically for continued relevance and accuracy, most recently in October 2013. Data in this report has been updated using Forrester's North American Technographics Online Benchmark Survey (Part 1), 2014.

Elliott, Nate; Strohmenger, Roxana
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