Impact of radio advertisements on buying behaviour of urban commuters

This paper has been developed out of the research project conducted by Rajagopal, Professor of Marketing (EGADE), ITESM, Mexico City Campus on Consumer Behaviour in Urban Shopping Locations under the aegis of Research Group on Consumer Behaviour and Competitiveness, Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education‐ITESM, Campus Santa Fe, Mexico during 2008‐2009. The author expresses sincere thanks to Dr Julio E Rubio Director of Post‐graduate Program and Research, ITESM‐CCM and Jorge Vera, Professor of Marketing, ITESM‐CCM and Coordinator of the research group for extending administrative support to this project. The author acknowledges sincere thanks to anonymous referees for their valuable suggestions for improving the quality of this paper.

International Journal of Retail & Distribution Managemen
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