How To Increase Website Engagement Through User Generated Content

An up-close shot of hands holding a mobile phone. On the phone screen, a woman is sharing a beauty blogger review online.

User generated content (UGC) is the content created by users while posting images and videos on their social media platforms. The content generally consists of users sharing their experiences and reviews about products or services. UGC is a dynamic, fresh, and cost-effective marketing option that has proven effective in enhancing sales conversion rates and user engagement. Incorporating UGC into a business’s marketing strategy increases authenticity and social proof. Businesses can also use UGC to increase website engagement. Using UGC in social ads can help to establish a long-lasting emotional link with customers. Additionally, creating a specific webpage exclusively dedicated to displaying UGC (such as a social wall) can encourage more content and enhance brand marketing. Another tactic to increase engagement on a brand’s website is to organize a contest or questionnaire with incentives.

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