How Does B2B Social Media Marketing Differ From B2C?

Images written with chalk on wooden mini blackboard signs. Images are a light bulb, B2B? and B2C?

This paper describes the differences in social media marketing for B2B compared to B2C companies and provides tips for B2B businesses to build their marketing strategy. First, B2B companies should focus on brand development and lead generation. Facebook and LinkedIn are the top-two marketing channels B2B marketers choose. While B2C companies strive to improve brand awareness by creating unique or different content, B2B companies should focus more on providing content that can help audiences to be more productive and successful with their businesses. The best practices for B2B companies to succeed in social media marketing include choosing the right social networks for their goals, putting customer needs above self-promotion, and keeping branding and tone consistent across all platforms.

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Rhonda Bradley
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