How AR and VR will Reshape Shopping

This article explores the time in which augmented reality and virtual reality users believe advanced shopping scenarios will become mainstream. 17% of augmented and virtual reality users worldwide said that scenario is already mainstream. 19% of users believe it is already mainstream for shopping to be done via smartphone, and physical stores will disappear. 17% of augmented and virtual reality users believe that these technologies will make it possible to get all the benefits of shopping in a store directly on a smartphone. In a 2018 poll cited in the article, 18% of augmented and virtual reality professionals expect the retail industry to invest in the technology, by comparison only 6% reported that two years ago.

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Jennifer King
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A survey of augmented reality & virtual reality users reveals that AR & VR use is trending upwards & becoming a more mainstream technology. Read more.
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How AR and VR Trends Will Shape the Future of Shopping

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