The Gross Rating Point Gets An Extreme Makeover

The rise of digital video advertising and the emergence of "TV everywhere" have fractured the video ad landscape into two media types with fundamentally different values to advertisers. While mass-audience linear TV still dominates the spending and holds the central place in a video ad plan, the shortcomings of force-fitting viewer-controlled video ads on video-on-demand (VOD) or streaming app platforms into the 50-year-old TV measurement model are already visible. Merely tweaking today's TV household-panel methodology won't adequately adapt to consumers' changing viewing habits, so audience measurement providers are innovating around big data, setting up a battle to become the new standard in audience measurement. Marketing leaders should read this report to understand the shortcomings of today's TV and video metrics and how they will evolve in the next three years to enable better media planning and execution.

Nail, Jim
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