Global Media Report 2015

The world of media is changing at a rapid pace, and long-term beliefs about the sources of value in a
given business model, media segment, or geography are also changing. In this shifting landscape, we are
finding increasing demand for the kind of comprehensive data offered in our annual Global Media Report,
as experts from every part of the world have an interest in the way consumers and advertisers are spending
their hard-earned cash on media and entertainment.
Our Global Media Report 2015 offers both high-level data and a granular look at the media industry around
the world. It provides annual historical data from 2009 through 2014, along with forecasts from 2015
through 2019, on a country-by-country basis, for 12 major media categories and numerous sub-categories.
The Global Media Report is just one of many tools that McKinsey’s Global Media & Entertainment Practice
has developed to help leading media companies better navigate the industry. Every day, in our offices
around the world, we help our clients with their most pressing strategic and operational issues, whether
finding new revenue models, winning and retaining customers, or exploring emerging digital opportunities.

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