Familiarity, Frequency and Fine Lines

The report “Familiarity, Frequency and Fine Lines”, based on a Research Now survey of over 1,600 people aged 20 to 60, reveals that ads seen multiple times are 40% more likely to be received positively if they’re served on a website related to the ad content (e.g. a hotel ad appearing on a holiday website).

For example, if people see an ad up to 3 times, they’re 66% more likely to think it’s clever if it’s on a related site than one unrelated. If seen 4-5 times, they’re 33% less likely to be angry if it’s on a relevant site.

Ads served on unrelated sites are over 11x more likely to discourage than encourage a purchase.

The quality of a site also has a big impact on how advertising is perceived; people are 37% more likely to click on an ad if it’s on a site they trust. The survey took respondents to view the same ad on different websites; a Land Rover ad on The Independent website was 71% more likely to be rated positively than on lesser-known site, Catster. Among women respondents, a Clinique ad on Marie Claire was 88% more likely to be rated positively than on lesser-known site, Instructables.

Hugo Drayton, InSkin Media’s CEO says, “Along with understanding ‘how often’ and ‘when’, advertisers must pay more attention to ‘where’ – a big issue in programmatic buying. Ads perform better on premium, trusted or contextually relevant sites. As with too much repetition, ads served next to irrelevant content may have a negative impact on consumer purchase intent.”

Inskin Media; RAPP Media
Inskin Media; RAPP Media
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