Engagement Pattern of Customers in Digital & Social Media Marketing: A Study on Effect of Age group

Convenience, novelty and simplicity are the prominent characteristics of Digital & Social Media Marketing. At the same time, intensity and extensity of marketing activities on social media is a big challenge for any business to plan and handle. This very challenge provokes management studies researchers to explore as much as possible in terms of gathering deeper knowledge and to attempt to make it useful for all stake holders. This paper covers the aspects of 'Age Group' related 'Engagement pattern' within the framework of DSMM. The aim is to create engagement opportunity and build up the relationship value and maintain it with long term objective. It tries to capture as to, how users look at online reviews and online purchases. Finally, their behaviour in terms of sharing the online experiences within friends, family and social group is examined. It is found that DSMM users of all age groups demonstrate quite positive indulgence in checking for online reviews and seeking information in social media. But the inclination to, share online experiences and influence buying decisions of others, actually declines with advancing age groups.

Parikalpana: K I I T Journal of Management
Das, Biswa B; Subudhi, Rabi N
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