Embracing the Unique Viewer

As highlighted in last quarter’s Video Monetization Report (VMR), premium video is just that — premium —
because of Publishers’ shared focus on three critical elements: content, user experience, and audience.
And as the FreeWheel Council for Premium Video demonstrated in its flagship paper, “The Unrivaled Value of
Premium Video” earlier this year, the combination of those three elements leads to audiences that are highly
engaged — both with the content and the associated messages from sponsors.
Recognizing engagement as a critical differentiator, Programmers, Multichannel Video Programming
Distributors (MVPDs) and Digital Pure-Plays have increasingly focused on user experience. Members of this
ecosystem have optimized user interfaces, streaming quality, and player environments, and have worked to
identify the “right” ad presentation, all to ensure a premium experience for both the viewer AND the Advertiser.
More recently, some of the leading players in the space have started taking their user experience strategy a
step further by evaluating differentiated advertising experiences (and even content) based on audience. The
idea is that some audiences have different sensitivity to advertising than others, and that optimizing against
each enables greater engagement and therefore greater monetization.
So while last quarter we zoomed in on content, this quarter we examined the other two foci of that premium
triangle: user experience in the context of audience. 

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